As unique as each of the 56 Aegean isles from where this microbrewery derives its name. 56 Isles (established 2014) has created a reputation for unique and exciting beers. 

56 Isles Pilsner – The light, blonde beer is rich with foam and infused with the breezy flavours of Parian barley that grows under the sun on the shores of the Aegean Sea.

Great Taste 2 Star Winner 2018

56 Isles Wit Beer – Produced using unmalted Parian wheat that gives it a light straw colour and subtle haze. Just a tender tartness blending perfectly with the zesty aromas of citrus and local spices.
The blast of sensations results in an astonishingly refreshing wit, elegant in its subtlety and with unconventional juiciness.

Great Taste 3 STAR Winner 2018