Michael Fitzgerald and Martin Kaprockyj founded Body and Mind Botanicals in February 2018. Body and Mind Botanicals is family-run business who are passionate advocates of the incredible health and wellbeing benefits of legal cannabis, and want to make these accessible for a many people as possible.

In 2016, when co-founder Michael was researching alternative treatments for multiple sclerosis, something a close family member struggled with. During that period, Michael learned how CBD products could help with sleep. Since the age of 14, Michael had rarely slept more than four hours per night, so he decided to give CBD a try himself. He soon felt the benefits on his sleep and general mood.

After conducting a year of research and spending a further six months putting in place farms and distribution, Body and Mind Botanicals was born.  The tea has a beautiful fresh flavour, packed full of CBD. It is currently available in loose leaf, individual tea bags and peppermint flavour.