It’s already clear that CBD is moving further into mainstream channels making it a credible trend for 2020.  This is a new category for many of us and there is a fair amount of conflicting information out there making assured buying decisions difficult.

I’m working closely with Body & Mind Botanicals who have first-hand experience of CBD products, from developing their cannabis farms right through to marketing finished products.  I asked Body & Mind Botanicals to think about a simple industry buyers checklist of things to lookout for/ask when reviewing new CBD products…

  1. Where is the product produced:
    1. For example are the plants grown on a fully licenced, certified organic farm in the EU.  Provenance is key.
    2. Are products produced using certified organic (soil association), FSA registered and SALSA/BRC accredited facilities.
  2. Is the strain on the EU approved list and is it grown to EU standards?
    1. In Europe you are only allowed to grow strains that are on the EU approved list of certified hemp (Cannabis sativa L.). Seeds should be purchased from regulated and certified seed providers. (CE or ISTA).
    2. It is not allowable to use hemp plants grown in green houses or other means than outside, this ensures it grows with the natural level cannabinoids expected from those strains.
  3. Request independent lab tests that show your product has less than 0.2% THC in plant form products and less than 1mg per container of extract derived products such as CBD Oils and Edibles.
    1. B&M Botanials Cannabis Tea is 100% hemp plant which is tested multiple times by different independent labs to ensure the THC content is less than 0.2% THC
  4. What manufacturing standards for quality and safety is the producer using?
    1. HACCP and SALSA