Meet Shauna, the inspiration behind Portobello Attic – Dairy Free Baked & Non Baked Cheesecake, With Paleo, Gluten Free & Vegan Options.

Shauna – Portobello Attic

From years of following a dairy free diet, Shauna missed the traditional taste of a baked creamy cheesecake. With self interest in mind, she became successful in creating a dairy free substitute that equalled it’s dairy equivalent.

Based in an attic, just off The Portobello Road, Shauna has perfected a classic dessert with a modern twist. A cheesecake alternative that can be enjoyed by not only those with restrictive diets but also their friends and family.

Each piece is beautifully hand made, displaying a patisserie style to represent the elegance of this dessert. Individually each cheesecake, embodies a flavour of personality, ranging from a punchy Lime and Ginger to an indulgent Dark Chocolate Raspberry.

Just cheesecake….without the cheese.