Just as an oasis stands out in the desert, so too does El Viejo Cortijo amongst a sea of other olive oils.

El Viejo Cortijo is produced in Tabernas Spain – a liquid oasis in what is literally a desert.  It provides a particular climate for olive growing and an aridity only found in Almeria.  It is this natural blend of environmental and climatic factors that makes El Viejo Cortijo so unique and special.

A fusion of tradition and the contemporary, El Viejo Cortijo is fashion for kitchens.

El Viejo Cortijo is the creation of partnership with both sharing a love of good food and a passion for fashion, elegance and design.  It’s first-class taste, quality and design, make it the ideal gift or family treat.

Respect nature – and it will respect you too. This is the approach we take when producing our exquisite, natural olive oil.  Our environmentally-friendly methods show appreciation for nature and she, in return, rewards us with El Viejo Cortijo.

First and foremost, we prioritise the land and her olive trees. It is they who reward our taste buds with this fine-tasting, ecologically considerate fruit and olive oil, after all.

In a way, we consider ourselves to be employees of nature; our principle to give to nature, not take from it.  We synchronise and blend with Mother Nature by using eco-friendly, sustainable growing methods.  If only good things are put into the land by us, we’ll be rewarded by getting good things back. This is why we use only natural pest control methods and organic fertilisers.  Even our drip irrigation system ensures nature’s water resources are respected.

As passionate employees of nature, we treat our olive trees with respect and they reward us, in turn, with is El Viejo Cortijo.