A Genie in Every Bottle!  Genie Living Drinks is the brainchild of long time friends Alex & Bill who, obsessed by gut health and longing for tasty soft drinks that weren’t full of sugar and nasties, gave themselves a challenge – how, with three wishes, could they create the perfect soft drinks?

1.They would have to taste delicious, but grown up so you could savour it.

2.They would have to have no added sugar or anything artificial.

3.They would have to be gut-healthy so the drink did you good.

18 months later they launched their unique live (pro-biotic) fruit sodas and fermented kombucha ranges. Made in the UK their drinks celebrate the brilliance of probiotic bacteria and are full of flavour, active cultures and nothing else.

  • Genie Live Soda: Lemon & Ginger
  • Genie Live Soda: Original Orange
  • Genie Kombucha: Crisp Citrus
  • Genie Kombucha: Dry Apple


Genie Living Drinks founders – Bill and Alex