Its hard to escape all the messages around health and wellbeing at this time of year, with food and diet always forming a central part of the conversation.  I’m so lucky to work with a fantastic collection of brands who are all incredibly relevant at this time of year.  Here is a recap….

Michael Fitzgerald and Martin Kaprockyj founded Body and Mind Botanicals in February 2018. Body and Mind Botanicals is family-run business who are passionate advocates of the incredible health and wellbeing benefits of legal cannabis, and want to make these accessible for a many people as possible.

Carosesa Carob & Sesame ButterThis plant-based, two-ingredient versatile product uses premium pure carob and tahini; cold stirred to keep the goodness in. Carosesa incurs no food wastage, the sesame is used whole and the carob pods, once the molasses is extracted, are given to animals as feed.


Genie Living Drinks is the brainchild of long time friends Alex & Bill who, obsessed by gut health and longing for tasty soft drinks that weren’t full of sugar and nasties. 18 months later they launched their unique live (pro-biotic) fruit sodas and fermented kombucha ranges. Made in the UK their drinks celebrate the brilliance of probiotic bacteria and are full of flavour, active cultures and nothing else.


JEKL Steak On The Go!  It’s not jerky. It’s not biltong.  Steak on the Go is different, made using new production methods to create a unique product.  Tender cuts of slow-cooked* grass-fed beef, in three delicious flavour combinations using the finest ingredients. Marinated, hand-seasoned and dried.


Kinda Co – As a life-long cheese addict Ellie Brown thought ditching dairy might spell the end of her love affair with all things cheesy.  Instead she experimented with recreating her favourite cheeses. Using traditional cheese-making methods of culturing, but using nuts as the main ingredient. The result is the range of Kinda Co. cheeses, including an almond based Greek Style feta, a cheddar-like Farmhouse, and a spicy, cashew based Nacho Dip.


LioBites are 100% Fruit Crisps, made by a mum searching for a healthy snack for her family. LioBites pick the ripest and sweetest fruits in season to ensure the maximum nutrition and vitamins are retained. The fruits are quickly frozen and then dried to achieve a sweet, crunchy fruit crisp. LioBites are vegan, gluten free and contain no added sugar or preservatives.


One Earth Organics – Eating an array of different nutrient dense foods is better for you than only eating a single one, and so superfood blends are perfect for getting a whole array of vitamins, protein, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants into our diet. The range is comprised of six blends with a high percentage of premium superfoods.


After years of working and playing hard, founder Lucy Warhurst yearned for something refreshing and reinvigorating to drink, but without the alcohol, calorie or sugar content of the usual alcoholic drinks on offer.  Percival & Co is available in two quintessentially British flavours Elderflower Hard Tonic and Rose & Juniper Hard Tonic – Both featuring less alcohol, less sugar and fewer calories for a sophisticated and distinctively British drink without compromise.


Portobello Attic – Dairy Free Baked & Non Baked Cheesecake, With Paleo, Gluten Free & Vegan Options.  From years of following a dairy free diet, Shauna missed the traditional taste of a baked creamy cheesecake. With self interest in mind, she became successful in creating a dairy free substitute that equaled it’s dairy equivalent.


Shauna – Portobello Attic

In Acciaroli, Italy 1 in 10 people live to 100. The people here have less Alzheimer’s, they have less cataracts, they have less bone fractures,” The local Mayor said. “We don’t see any heart failure, they have high blood pressure, but the heart seems good in practically everybody we’ve measured. So there’s something there.”  No1 Rosemary Waters main active ingredient is Rosmarinic acid. It displays general anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and also anti carcinogenic properties.


The Rosemary Water Family


Seaspoon provide a range of award-winning, versatile seaweed blends that make consuming this veritable wonderfood both delicious and simple.Healthy, tasty and easy is their mantra with blends that major on seaweed, which when mixed with complimentary flavours, deliver big tastes and serious goodness. Their range include a deep-flavoured Umami Blend, aromatic Herb Mix, smooth Chilli Crush, Seaweed Seasoning as a serious alternative to the salt pot, and their original Seaweed Boost.


The Sipling Beverage Company has launched a disruptive range of elegant, ready-to-drink 250ml alcohol-free cocktails, including a Bellini, Gin & Tonic, Mojito, Moscow Mule, Old Cuban, and Spiced Rum & Cola. Sipling aims to be at the forefront of the ready-to-drink alcohol-free cocktail trend with a simple brand proposition – to offer consumers with an uncompromising choice of alcohol-free beverages that are Classic, Chic, Confident, and Convenient.


Please feel free to get in touch for details of any of these fantastic brands and products.