I was recently lucky enough to be invited to participate in Basquisite.  A new international food trade event to showcase food from the Basque region of Spain.  The event took place in a convention centre about half an hours car ride from the stunning city of San Sebastian.  Spending some time in this beautiful, unique, ancient city afforded some great photo opportunities…

The old town skyline is dominated by the statue of Jesus atop the Monte Urgull, keeping watch over the city, seen here in the distance.


The ancient old town streets are too narrow for cars, adding to the charm.


San Sebastian is famous for its numerous Pintox bars, indeed the city is credited with creating this style of accessible bar food.  The often eclectic dishes are arranged on the bar, grab a plate and get stuck in!


Whilst in town I had the opportunity to catch up with my good friends at Mimo Cookery School & Gourmet shop. British Ex-Pats Jon and Nicole set up the shop in the luxury Maria Cristina.


Both the Gourmet shop and the cookery school are on site at the hotel with the cookery school replacing an old Spa.


A wide variety of cooking courses are availalbe, when we visited the Michelin Star course was in full swing.




Mimo Gourmet Shop.


Mimo recently launched a range of their own products, on sale now in Selfridges London!



Pintox – great quality ingredients, assembled with care and thought, unfussy and delicious.


Customer satisfaction



All photo’s my own, mostly shot on Sony Cyber-Shot HX60

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