The perfect gift for Indian food fans
People don’t think of Indian food as something you can easily make at home…the general impression is that Indian cooking is too complicated and time-consuming.  Namita wanted to change these preconceptions when she founded Indian Spicebox in 2014, creating a ‘Spicebox Kit’ with a vision to simplify and speed up the process of Indian cooking while enabling more people to cook healthier Indian food at home.

The Kit contains – Namita’s cookbook featuring nutritious and delicious family recipes, as well as healthier versions of restaurant favourites.  Along with the book comes a gorgeous modern spice box featuring nine beautifully packaged organic spice tins.  The spices provided are the only ones needed to cook every recipe in the book.

The Spicebox Kit is currently available in gold or silver and is currently sold in Singapore and on in the US. The sale of each Spicebox Kit feeds 10 street children in India a hot meal.

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