Will and Josh set up Dr Will’s because they couldn’t find a better, healthier alternative to the everyday sauces that we can’t live without.

So many proper British meals aren’t complete without a big old dollop of ketchup, but a single tablespoon of the red stuff contains 4g of sugar – and the total daily recommended intake is only around 7g.

Clean Ingredients, Beautiful Design

Not only that, but refined sugar is addictive. It keeps you reaching for the sauce, over and over again.

As a doctor (Will) and a restauranteur (Josh), the sauces they found on the shelves just weren’t doing it. So they decided to come up with their own.

Will & Josh

They cooked and experimented with all things natural, good and tasty.

They want to bring you something that tastes amazing, doesn’t do you any harm, and look pretty awesome too!