Seaspoon provide a range of award-winning, versatile seaweed blends that make consuming this veritable wonderfood both delicious and simple.

Healthy, tasty and easy is their mantra with blends that major on seaweed, which when mixed with complimentary flavours, deliver big tastes and serious goodness. Their range include a deep-flavoured Umami Blend, aromatic Herb Mix, smooth Chilli Crush, Seaweed Seasoning as a serious alternative to the salt pot, and their original Seaweed Boost.

Seaweed is a nutritional building block, fitting for any healthy lifestyle. To name just some if it’s attributes, seaweed boasts a broad range of minerals and vitamins, is high in both fibre and protein, omega 3 fatty acids and is gluten-free.

Seaspoon’s seaweed is sustainably and ethically harvested (licensed gathers for Devon’s south coast) and as an environmentally sensitive food relieving pressure on the worlds land mass and fresh water. It’s not just a great food for today, but a true food for the future.