The Sipling Beverage Company has launched a disruptive range of elegant, ready-to-drink 250ml alcohol-free cocktails, including a Bellini, Gin & Tonic, Mojito, Moscow Mule, Old Cuban, and Spiced Rum & Cola.

Sipling aims to be at the forefront of the ready-to-drink alcohol-free cocktail trend with a simple brand proposition – to offer consumers with an uncompromising choice of alcohol-free beverages that are Classic, Chic, Confident, and Convenient.

Sipling provides consumers with more of the complex flavours and aromas that they are familiar with from their favourite alcoholic cocktails, but with the added simplicity of a ready-to-serve format.

Furthermore, compared to other alcohol-free alternatives on the market, Sipling offers a far lower barrier to entry for consumers who are curious about the lo-no alcohol movement.