Lets talk BREAKFAST.  A good day starts with a good breakfast. But Verival takes its responsibility beyond the breakfast bowl by making sure that both the cultivation process and the careful selection of premium ingredients from organic farming is spot on.

Fruity, nutty or classic, Verival mueslis and cereal mixes contain all the nutrients you need for an energy-rich start to the day. An essential part of any healthy breakfast, they enhance concentration and boost stamina.

Verival Love Diversity On and Beyond the Breakfast Table

Verival are passionate about ancient grains like einkorn, emmer and spelt, which is why they use them in their Heritage Grains Mueslis. With their recultivation project, they strive to increase the variety of heritage grains in their product range. This ensures the preservation of biodiversity and helps them to offer even healthier and tastier Heritage Grain Products in the future. Like, for instance, their Heritage Grains Mueslis with Verival Wheat, an ancient grain from their very own contract farming.

On top of that, they chose business partners with particular care so as to promote further growth of organic farming in Europe and around the globe.

Both high quality ingredients and advanced processing technologies are of great importance to Verival. Their team in the Tyrolean Alps works by hand throughout  the entire production process including the areas of quality management, mixing of the muesli variations and packaging. Only then do they guarantee for the unique and handcrafted organic products that they so proudly stand for.

An example of just some of the products in the Verival family.