‘Imagine treating the cacao bean like the coffee bean… this is what you get’.

Choclatl is a return to the purest, oldest and most delicious form of chocolate because it uses the WHOLE CACAO BEAN in its natural proportions.

Bean to Bottle

Anjali and Gavin Healy set out to produce a pure cacoa hot chocolate drink using almost forgotten, traditional stone grinding methods. This process is totally unique to A&G Choclatl and produces a unique drink with a distinctive character.

Choclatl 100% stoneground bean-to-bottle drink, available in three flavours…

  • Choclatl Pure – 100% stoneground
  • Choclatl Mayan – Based on a traditional Central American recipe, a wonderful aromatic full rounded taste
  • Choclatl Mayan & Agave – Sugar Free, made with Agave Syrup

Pure, Mayan and Mayan & Agave

A&G Choclatl