Love Borough

The idea is simple, I want as many people as I can muster to congregate on Borough Market on Saturday June 24th to support the traders.  I want us all to put a little extra money in their tills and help them recoup some of the loses they sustained during the recent prolonged shut-down.  The Market was shut for over a week after the terrible events of June 3rd and this has seriously affected the livelihoods of the traders, direct and innocent victims of these pointless terrorist acts.  These are small business who can’t afford to be shut for this length of time, they have stock to pay for, rent, staff and for that week, no income.  I want us to give them all a bumper day on 24th  and to show the world that Borough is as vital, exciting, fun and safe as it ever was.

In Borough Markets own words…

‘After Borough Market has reopened on Wednesday, what it will need more than anything else is people. Borough Market is all about interaction, and in the weeks to come it will be crying out for its signature warmth, familiarity and buzz. Come along, talk to people, enjoy some food and drink, and help us on the long and difficult road back to normality.’

What else can we do…

Borough Market Relief Fund – Set up by the Borough Market Trust, United St Saviour’s Charity and Better Bankside, the fund will provide financial assistance to members of the community who are dependent on the market. Donald Hyslop, chair of the Trustees of Borough Market, explained: “An atrocity of this magnitude has many hidden victims. Among these are the independent traders and producers who rely upon Borough Market for their livelihood. With the market still closed and with valuable stock lost, some of these traders—although none would be quick to admit it—are struggling. If any of these traders, whose skill and dedication make the market such a wonderful asset, were to find the viability of their work threatened by this act of violence, the result would be to add a sad injustice to a terrible tragedy.”


Love Borough