Whilst working in restaurants, business partners Dan & Dom challenged themselves to make better use of by-products and waste ingredients, transforming them into delicious, clean, trend setting foods. One of their favourite’s was the use of dried fish skins as garnishes to give a lovely, crisp salty addition to dishes.

They started to enjoy this new snack after service with a beer. They couldn’t believe you couldn’t buy them in shops!

Sea Chips are nutritious, light and make a great alternative to the typical snacks found in shops/bars. They also saw the popularity of fish skins in Eastern cultures, it was practically a staple of their diet but not in the Western world.

Sea Chips use sustainable fish sources, and will re – invest a portion of our profits into ocean charities to help keep the sea clean.

Available in Lightly Salted, Chilli & Lime and Salt & Vinegar varieties.

Sea Chips